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Ambien 5mg: A Drug of choice for insomnia

The drug Zolpidem is sold under the brand name Ambien and belongs to the sedative-hypnotics class of drugs. It is prescribed by your doctor to treat insomnia or other sleep-related problems like midnight or early awakenings. order ambien online




Functioning of Ambien

Ambien works by slowing down the brain activity by acting on receptor cells in the brain that bind with the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). This chemical GABA influences the sleep cycle and other neurological activities of the human body, enabling a person to sleep faster. Buy Ambien online


Availability of the Drug

Ambien is available worldwide in two different forms, namely quick-release pills and an extended-release form. You can buy Ambien online legally. To initiate sleep, a quick-release form is recommended, whereas to maintain sleep, an extended-release form is prescribed. You can get it as Ambien 5mg and 10mg. The prescribed dose in females is 5mg, whereas, for males, it is 5mg or 10mg. Buy Zolpidem online for using it in any corner of the world.


Ambien- An overdose and abuse

Ambien has habit-forming properties, so it must be consumed with caution. You need to ensure that the total dose does not exceed 10 mg per night. Also, it is not recommended to prolong the treatment period any longer than 1 to 2 weeks. Suddenly ceasing the intake of Ambien may produce severe withdrawal symptoms. 

These may include symptoms like anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety, trembling, shaking, nervousness, hallucinations, difficulty in sleeping, sweating, vomiting, headache, stomach cramps, tremor, muscle cramps, feeling sick, sleep-walking or being oversensitive to sound, touch and light. 

Consider the following before the consumption of Ambien

Before taking Ambien, you need to inform your healthcare provider of the following:

  • In case you are allergic to Ambien or similar drugs.
  • In case you have a history of having depression or suicidal thoughts, alcohol, or drug addiction.
  • If you have breathing difficulty, kidney, liver or lung disease, and sleep apnoea.
  • It may cause a feeling of drowsiness or breathing problems in the baby and is therefore avoided during the last three months of pregnancy.
  • It is also not recommended in breastfeeding women.


Side effects of Ambien

You may notice side effects like memory loss, suicidal thoughts, daytime grogginess, unexplained anxiety, headache, depression, diarrhea, agitation, trembling, hallucinations, change in appetite, confusion, aggressive behavior, acidity, light-headedness, mood swings, etc. while using Ambien.

In case you notice some severe side effects like skin rashes, allergic reactions, swollen tongue, face or lips, or trouble breathing, you may bring it to your doctor’s immediate attention.

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